Shooting photos at Boqueria food market

Boqueria food market Boqueria food market is considered as one of the finest and most colorful public markets in Spain. Located in the old town, along the famous Rambla street, the large food market is part of the regular itineraries covered by Barcelona Photowalk’s photo tours due to the many photographic opportunities it offers. Boqueria food market is open all year round, except on Sundays and public holidays, from 8 AM to 8 PM. The fish market, located in the middle of the covered market and probably the foremost attraction inside the market, is closed on Mondays. As said, Boqueria market is on our photo tour bucket list as it offers a wide range of colorful goods and animated stallholders to shoot pictures of in a noisy but exciting environment. Here are a few photographic tips to help you for a successful photo shoot inside Boqueria market. Remember Boqueria is a covered market. This means you may get a few problems due to low light levels inside or artificial lighting. You can solve out the first problem simply by increasing your camera’s ISO. ISO 800 or ISO 1000 are acceptable values. Try not to exceed those values in order to keep any noise level (digital noise) acceptable in your photos. You can solve out the problem of artificial lighting by selecting the auto white balance setting of your camera or manually, accordingly, to the particular lights used by the single stalls.

By wandering around the market, you will notice how exposed goods are presented beautifully from colorful piles of spices to every kind of fruits and vegetables. Try then to catch the general environment by looking for patterns to aid your composition in shooting the goods. Stallholders screaming in a noisy environment is another popular photographic subject inside the market. Anyway, remember always to ask stallholders for permission whenever you want to take picture of them and always be kind with them. Try to talk with a stallholder, just ask about goods he is selling in order to create a kind of rapport with the person you are going to photograph. Normally, the market gets very busy after 10 AM, particularly in summer time because the tourists and also on Saturdays. To increase your chances of beautiful and creative images shot inside the market, try to be there in early morning, around 9 AM. Avoid also the last hours of the day (after 6 PM) as many stalls are normally closing at that time. By joining one of our photo tours in Barcelona you will get more tips and help with shooting photos inside the market!