Personal photographer Barcelona

Personal photographer BarcelonaIf you are planning to visit Barcelona for pleasure, honeymoon or engagement think about hiring a personal photographer for a professional photo shoot in Barcelona. You will bring home your nicest memories and moments in one of the most exciting European cities.

You can choose between a 1-hour or a 2-hour high quality tailored photo session in Barcelona by hiring a vacation photographer for shooting photos in the nicest locations of Barcelona.

A professional photographer  will follow you during the planned sightseeing tour through the suggested or chosen parts of Barcelona in order to create a professional photographic story of your staying in town. During the photo session he will take care about catching your best moments while you are walking, exploring and seeing one of the most beautiful and vibrant European cities. Photos may include you seated in an outdoor cafe or walking in a narrow street or simply while you are having fun while discovering the medieval heart of Barcelona. Alternatively, you can opt for a 1-hour photo session at picturesque Park Güell or in the charming Horta’s Labyrinth, both suitable for your best romantic moments or to propose to your partner. 

A fully personalised photo session in other parts of Barcelona is also available. Just let us know your requested locations and we will get you a specific quote.

For further information and prices about hiring a personal photographer in Barcelona click here.