La Merce festival

La Merce festivalEvery year, on September 24, Barcelona celebrates La Merce festival, the major annual festival in town. For every photographer this is one of the greatest chances to shoot colorful and folkloristic images. In fact, for a few days, you have the opportunity to see street parades, including papier maché “giants” known as gegants i capgrossos and castellers (human towers). La Merce has been celebrated since the Middle Ages when, in 1687, Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts.

To fight against insects, the Consell de Cent, which then governed the city, voted to ask the Virgin’s assistance. When the city was delivered from the pestilence, she was named patroness of the city of Barcelona— although this was only recognized by the Pope in 1868. Since that time, an annual festival has been celebrated in the city in honor of the Virgin, starting on the 21st of September and finishing on the 25th. If you are visiting the city from September 19 to 24 don’t miss to participate to our Barcelona Photowalk photo tours to fully enjoy La Merce festival. As this is becoming more and more a famous photographic event, we recommend to book your Barcelona photo tour quite in advance.