When the night begins to fall in the Gothic Quarter

Gothic QuarterWhen the night begins to fall in the Gothic Quarter, the atmosphere becomes pretty magic. The narrow streets and the pretty medieval squares of the Barrio Gotico district start to lit up in that particular time of the day so loved by photographers and which is named “blue hour”. It is that particular compromise between the day not over yet and the city lights blooming slowly. The Gothic Quarter (or Barrio Gotico in Spanish) becomes even more picturesque at this time and its small squares fully reveal a magic atmosphere to catch with your camera like the one in the photo. We know how photographers love this part of Barcelona and how many of them are looking for some original and beautiful images to shot after sunset. This is why by participating to our Barcelona night photo tour you will discover some picturesque glimpses of the old town that after dusk become even prettier than during the day. During the night photo tour you will learn also some useful tips to improve your skills and your knowledge about night photography. If you have chosen Barcelona as your next photographic destination do not hesitate to take a Barcelona night photo tour with us.