Before Sunrise Photo Tour

Before Sunrise Photo TourIntroducing Before Sunrise Photo Tour, our brand new offered photowalk in Barcelona. It’s really a unique experience to enjoy this beautiful Spanish city with your camera. This early bird photo tour lasts one and half hour and takes place in the Gothic Quarter, the historical medieval heart of Barcelona and, definitely, the most beautiful part of the old town. Why offering such a very early morning photo tour?

The idea came from a few participant photographers to our photo tours in Barcelona as they were complaining that there were too many tourists in images they were shooting in the Gothic Quarter or along the famous Rambla pedestrian mall during daytime, especially in summer. As you honestly can not eliminate all the people physically from your photos if not (and partially) with the help of Photoshop, then, I got the idea to solve out this problem: offering a photo tour before sunrise when the city is still sleeping, tourists included. That’s what normally I do when I am going shooting photos in any city I visit during my world travels. By participating to the Before Sunrise Photo Tour, participant photographers can shoot photos of the visited places and monuments without anyone in the picture. Moreover, with the monuments like the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia still illuminated, participant photographers can really shoot some great photos. Same story for the picturesque narrow streets or medieval small squares located in the Gothic Quarter. By participating to this exclusive photo tour the old town and even the normally very crowded Rambla street will look like a magic ghost town to your eyes at that time of the day. To get the best photographic results in this photo tour we recommend to bring a tripod with you. If you don’t get any we can hire a professional one (carbon fiber). Click here for more information and prices about this exclusive photo tour in Barcelona.