Barcelona Before Sunrise exclusive photo tour

Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour

Barcelona Before Sunrise is a new exclusive one and half hour photo tour photo that will let you discover the beautiful Barcelona’s Barrio Gotico (Gothic Quarter) in a pretty unusual time when almost everybody is still sleeping.

This special early bird photo tour will be exclusively located in the Gothic Quarter district, the oldest part of Barcelona. The tour will start about half an hour before sunrise when the street lights are still on and you don’t get any tourist around in your photo!  The photo tour is aimed to all those photographers (beginners and advanced ones) who wish to explore and discover the medieval architectural beauties  and all those lovely corners offered by the Gothic Quarter. Imagine all those narrow medieval streets lined with majestic old buildings and peaceful small squares that reveal plenty of angles to shoot creative and beautiful images with nobody around and all for yourself. That’s what Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour is about!

Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour

During the Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour you will see the Barcelona’s Cathedral, the beautiful Placa Reial central square and, above all, many lovely streets and plazas that make The Barrio Gotico neighbourhood a special place to visit. Stefano, your professional photographer, will teach you some useful tips about night photography while showing you the best angles to shoot images of places you’ll visit, the right camera settings for getting successful photos and how to apply the general rules of photographing cityscapes and the buildings and spaces within. A tripod is recommended. After one and half hour, the photo tour will finish in a cafe where we’ll relax and talk about the images we will have shot.

Get ready to experience an unforgettable photo tour by joining this exclusive photo tour. Book it now!



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