Bad weather doesn’t ruin a Barcelona photo tour

A participant to our Barcelona photo tour A grey sky in an overcast day doesn’t necessarily ruin your Barcelona photo tour. Most of tourists coming to Barcelona think that sun always shines in Spain though this is not really the truth, obviously. Even in summer time you may experience cloudy days and some refreshing rain falling from the sky here in Barcelona. The nice news is that both overcast sky and rain don’t last for  long. Anyway, an overcast day is not really the end of the world if you are going out to shoot photos. Hard to believe but sometimes a grey sky helps for more than one successful photo. Especially in the old part of town where our Barcelona photo tour takes place, in a sunny day, often you have several buildings or locations partially in the shadow and partially under the sun. This means that your photo will be under or overexposed very likely.

This won’t happen in a cloudy day instead as the subject of your photo (a building, a square, a street) will be all under a uniform (and not so strong) light. Perfect condition to take a photo then. If you don’t mind to have a brightly blue sky in your picture, even in a cloudy day you will get some beautiful (and correctly exposed)shots. In case of an overcast day, our Barcelona photo tour is concentrated toward architectural details and picturesque corners so that geometrical lines, colours and architectural style will allow beautiful photos even if you don’t get any sun in! What happens if beside a grey sky, rain starts t fall? In case of rain during our Barcelona photo tour we make some interesting indoor detours. As rain often doesn’t last that much in Barcelona is very likely we will go back outside to shoot more photos. Even rain has its positive effect on photography. Think about a wet street reflecting everything (lights, buildings), especially if you participate to our Barcelona night photo tour.  Rain is welcomed also as you can shoot buildings or monuments reflected in a pond on the ground, for example. So, don’t think negatively, if the day you booked your Barcelona Photowalk with us sun took a short vacation away from Barcelona. You will shoot some beautiful and original images anyway and before the photo tour ends chances that sun comes back are pretty high!