A photo tour in Barcelona for unpredictable images!

Photo tour in BarcelonaFor me the nicest part of a photo tour in Barcelona is the unpredictable image to shoot that you find suddenly right in front of you. And not for me only. I noticed how happy participants to our photo tours in Barcelona when they shoot photos of something or someone they were not expecting to find during the photowalk: a curious rasta man with curious dreadlocks walking down in the street, a skateboarder performing in front of the MACBA museum or, as it was in  this particular case, a few children playing in the street once we turned around a street corner in the Born district.

Tanya, an enthusiast photographer who reserved an individual photo tour in Barcelona the other day, didn’t think too much and shot this pretty photograph of small children having fun in a car-free area of the old town. It was a matter of a few seconds. The children didn’t even notice us as they were so busy in having fun with their small balloons. Tanya enjoyed a lot what she saw and took pictures of during her morning photowalk but, as she wrote me later, the image of children playing in the street, made definitely her day in Barcelona! If you’re going to visit Barcelona anytime soon, think of taking a photo tour with us in the old town. Beside taking pictures of the many picturesque corners and buildings in the area and getting tips, suggestions and explanations about how improving your photographic skills and image composition, you may end up also with shooting unexpected photos right behind the street corner!